About Sao Paulo Escort Guide

What do you mean by SPEG?

SPEG is the short form for "Sao Paulo Escort Guide" which is an escort directory. SPEG is an advertisement platform that is similar to Yellow Pages or any other Escort Directory. Basically, is an Online Directory for Escort Girls/Shemales and Adult Services. Our Directory provides you with detailed Profiles for High Class Escorts working throughout Sao Paulo State, so you can research and book the companion of your choice. We also provide Business Listings for the Best Hotels/Motels, Sex Shops, Swing Clubs, Night Clubs and Professional Massage Providers, including direct links to each companies websites.

Why are your rates so high and expensive?

In fact, if all you are looking for is 'a quickie' and no quality involved, our rates are much to high. You can get that for a lot less. But an ultimate romantic and intimate experience, with an escort who is able to stimulate your mind, body and soul, who is stunning, attentive, discreet, polite and intelligent... that's a whole different thing. Our rates are a reflection of our excellence, and quality does not come cheap. It is very complicated to set up a fee, which will be acceptable to all parties. We are sure you will agree that the fee is well worth it, after meeting our hight class escorts.

Do you have any special discounts available?

Actually, yes and no. All rates, including all possible discounts on e.g. longer and multiple bookings are already listed on our website. Aside, from these, no extra discounts are available. Instead of asking for a discount, we suggest you search for an escort better matched to your budget.

You guys must be really rich by now...

In fact, a question that is asked a lot. But no, we are not and do not have any intention to be so. We are in this business because we enjoy it, just like our high class escorts. Yes, we do so to be successful and are not in any way a charity. But the only way to make a lot of money in this industry is by exploiting women (the wrong way) and accepting "bad" clients. That's no what we are interested in. Never have and never will be. We are in it because it bring us, our high class escorts and our clients pleasure. We work really hard and, with the right attitude, manage to make a nice living but one will never get rich in this industry if you're doing it the right way.

Why should I book with 'SPEG - Sao Paulo Escort Guide | Brazil' ?

Because only the best is good enough for you! Our escort services are intended for clients to whom quality is more important than price, and is a necessity rather than a little luxury.

Is booking an escort with 'SPEG - Sao Paulo Escort Guide' legal?

Yes. No matter what country you are from, booking an escort from our escort service is completely legal. You are not breaking any laws and neither are the Escort or SPEG - Sao Paulo Escort Guide.


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