4 Questions About The Female Orgasm That Will Make You a Pleasure Master

4 Questions About The Female Orgasm That Will Make You a Pleasure Master

Unfortunately, sex and the female body are still taboo in society. So, with more explanation and clarification of these issues, women will be able to discover their bodies, their desires and their pleasures. With the help of sexologist and psychologist Carla Cecarello, become another person to solve the biggest doubts about how to achieve orgasm!
1. Do women ejaculate every time they orgasm? “Some women ejaculate, some women never ejaculate in their lives. So it depends a lot on whether the woman knows her body and stimulates the glands that secrete this fluid during orgasm. So not all Women all ejaculate, and that doesn’t stop them from being more or less a woman,” she said.

2. Why do my legs shake when I climax? “The legs tremble during orgasm precisely because all the muscles contract in preparation for the orgasm. When a woman orgasms, her muscles relax. So when she orgasms and relaxes, her body shakes, not just her legs.” , due to excessive muscle tension.”

3. Can a person find the G-spot? if so how? “It’s possible to find the G-spot, but there’s no marking on the woman that she’s stimulating in the right place. We know the G-spot is in the back third of the vagina. So she has to insert her finger and pull it towards her, the G-spot or more. Or less there,” she revealed.

4. Are there any women who cannot achieve orgasm? “It happens because orgasm is an innate condition. So women who can’t achieve orgasm are very conscientious. They rarely experience joy in life in a calm and fulfilling way. When a woman has this problem The reason is that she needs to seek psychological help, because she needs to understand where her unlocking point is,” she concluded.
So, whether it’s the clitoris, vagina, anus, or breasts, you must learn how to orgasm both alone and with a partner. After all, there are plenty of reasons to have sex and enjoy the joys of self-discovery.

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