Below you will find answers to the most common questions from our clients. If you did not find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time...

About our High Class Escorts
Are the photos 100% genuine?
Yes. The photos in our Site are all real, recent, 100% genuine and the best representation of what our escorts looks like. We work with stunning escorts only and therefore see no reason for deceptive practices surrounding our images. Actually, we keep Photoshop to a minimum - What you see is what you get! That is what makes us unique! 
May I see photos with faces of your high class escorts?
Sometimes. Actually, we have a "VIP Area" available with (more) recognizable photos of our high class escorts, free of charge. However, access to this area is highly selective. Only repeat clients is offered access without any questions asked. Other then that, you will have to became to one of our selective clients first. It's an extra service that we happily offer to our repeat customers and is not available to just anybody. When you are able to meet our criteria and are genuinely interested in placing a booking with us, we are usually able to work something out.
Are your companions "professional escorts"?
Actually no. The good thing is that all of our escorts are either full time students or have a dayjob. Escorting is just an exciting and exiting adventure for them. They enjoy meeting special and new people for an even more special rendezvous. Our companions are not professional prostitutes, serving multiple clients per day.
Are your companions available for couples?
Yes! In the profile of each escort you will find her sexual orientation. Only truly and actively bisexual escorts are available to visit couples (female/male). These escorts enjoy eroticism with a woman as much as she does with a man. When our escorts spent time with a couple, they offer the same Girlfriend Experience as they would when they spent time with a gentleman. If you have any specific preferences, fantasies, special requests or "rules", please make sure to inform us or the escort up front. Our escorts will not play along with a situation where one of two clients is not informed about the visit of the escort, or worse, not just as enthusiastic about the experience as her/his partner.
What kind of services are offered by your high class escorts?
Our high class escorts do not offer a "service", they use to offer an "experience", the so-called Girlfriend Experience (GFE). Each profile includes a detailed description of what the companion enjoys and what she is like as a mistress. Please ensure to read this carefully.
About placing a booking
Can I talk to the escort before the booking?
Sometimes. We use to make great efforts to place all necessary information about both her looks and character in her online profile. Some of our high class escorts choose to be represented by "SPEG - Sao Paulo Escort Guide" because they have no time or desire to set their own bookings. So, we are always more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our escorts.
How far in advance should I place the booking?
The more, the better! It is recommended to place your booking at least a day in advance. Same day bookings are also available with most of our escort ladies, and some of our escorts are available in 1 to 3 hours usually. But the more you book in advance, the more likely (one of) your favorite escort(s) is available and you would also be able to mention any specific requirements you have about location, date, time or dress. However, you can also make a last minute call, you can still expect to find escorts, but in that case, you would not be able to mention about any specific or special requirements.
Why do you usually require 2 or 3 hours minimum booking?
Well, that's like asking why you should go out for a nice dinner if you can also throw something in the microwave or just pass at the fast-food drive-thru. Our escorts offer a special, romantic, intimate, unique and erotic experience. Not a sex only service.
Can sexual discussions be done with the escorts while calling them?
Unfortunately no. Remember that escorts are not prostitutes and they are charges for their time and companionship only. Even though escorts often have sex with their customers, this is a matter of coincidence and choice between both parties. You would get sufficient information published on their individual profiles on our website. This is done in order to prevent the customers from calling the escorts, and take their time with innumerable questions. Therefore, before you call the escort, it is very important and essential for you to read the details in the profile of the escorts.
What happens with the details that I have to provide?
Discretion is just as important to us as it is to you! Your personal contact information will be handled with absolut discretion and extraordinary diligence to prevent malpractice by third parties. The details that you provide to us or to one of our escorts will be kept confidential at any time and will only be used for verification, appointments, security check, prepayment and cancellation fee. Every escort is bound to discretion by contract.
Do your escorts offer Incall and/or Outcall?
Both! Our high class escorts are available for national bookings only. Most escorts are based in the larger Brazilian cities, such as Sao Paulo, Guarulhos, etc. Also, some of our escorts offer Incall service and you can find them easily using our filter tool on: menu GALLERY -> ALL ESCORTS -> PREFERENCES -> AVAILABLE FOR -> Incalls.
Do you have any age restrictions?
Yes, clients need to be at least 21 years old and there's no maximum age.
What should I do if I don't like the escort?
Please be a gentlemen but do let us know immediately, within the first 5-10 minutes of your booking. The escort will graciously call our office to assist you and we will be proud to help you find/ suggest a more suitable escort (if available) for you.  We are so confident of our selection of high class escorts, 100% guarantee that the escorts presented on our website are the actual ladies you will meet. This guarantee includes the escorts inner and outer beauty. NOTE: There is a Cancellation Fee policy applies when the escort is not what you were expecting, in personality or look, so our escort will charge the taxi fare ONLY. We can offer this because it rarely, if ever, happens!
I need to cancel... What should I do now?
We are so sorry to hear, but please let us know as soon as possible. Naturally, it might happen that you need to cancel the booking with a very short notice. For such instances, we have set our rules as follows: Our Escorts would not charge anything for such cancellations. We do not want to add to your frustration of a spoiled evening by making you pay anything extra for the services, which are not even rendered. Just let them know your agenda and they can try to re-schedule or postpone your date to a better time. Maybe in the early morning or during the day, between your business meetings to relax, or at night, maybe meeting you for a dinner or a drink and staying all night long.
Things to do...
Since I do not have any previous experience, what should I do with an escort?
There is absolutely nothing to be worried even if, you are new and inexperienced because escorts do hardly bother about these things. Also escorts just do not care about your physical conditions; you do not have to be handsome, good looking, tall, muscular, etc. You just need to be sure about your cleanliness and you must show an escort the desired respect.
What does an escort want when she visits outcalls?
When you ask for one of our escorts to visit you, you must ensure that the place is welcoming. At the same time, the escort should not face any difficulty in reaching the destined address that you have given. Pay special emphasis to the bedroom and the bathroom, and ensure special cleanliness and hygiene. You can always offer her a drink; from sealed bottle or a can.
Am I supposed to take alcohol before I meet the escort?
Yes, of course! You can take a drink to calm your nerves, but make sure that you do not over drink which can ruin your behavior towards the escort. If you are drunk, you can be turned away by the escort. Therefore, be careful.
What should I do as soon as I meet the escort?
You can just relax and chat with the escort when you have met her. Let her do what she is willing to do. This will certainly keep the situation within control and grip.
Which is the ideal time to make the payment?
Be prepared with the exact amount in cash covered in an envelope. You pay within the first 5 minutes of the arrival of our escort. It is best to leave an open envelope with the agreed amount on the table or where your escort can easily see, with her name on it. Your escort will discretely count the money and call our office she's arrived safely and you are happy with your choice.
Shall I give the escort any gift or any tip?
No, you are not supposed to bring any gift or present for the escort or even give a tip while leaving. However, flowers and chocolates are good way to start. Also, if you are very pleased with the service of the escort, you can say thank you, and leave a small tip.
How to express my desires and expectations?
After talking with her for few minutes, you can tell her what you want. There is nothing to be worried about telling her your likes and expectations. You can also tell her what you expect from the session. You can be assured that she would not be surprised to hear any of your expectations or request. However, if she cannot fulfill your expectations, she would simply tell you no.
How should I react if an escort says no?
Well, you should readily accept the refusal from the escort instead of requesting her once more. In fact, you must always learn to respect the decision of the escort under any condition because like any other woman, she too has the right to say no.
How should I behave with an escort?
Make sure that you do not show any kind of disrespect towards the escort. You pay money for their time, companionship and services, but that does not mean that you can be rude and nasty to them. You should always treat her like a human being, and the way you want to get treated. Show your kindness, sensitiveness, and caring attitude to the escort. In fact, this is a very crucial aspect which is considered by every escort, and accordingly, she would respond to you. If you be nice to her, you would not have to pay more, but you can surely get many things extra!
Which is the right time for me or her to leave?
While you book, you would know about the duration you can spend with the escort. Therefore, do not overstay. Your escort would possibly not tell you anything if you take some extra minutes, but you should always try to deal in a fair way. Your escort might have another appointment, and therefore, must leave on time.
How about smoking?
Most of our high class escorts are non smokers. It's however okay if you wish to smoke. In case you are a non-smoker but your escort is a smoker, she will refrain from smoking during and before the booking, unless otherwise agreed.
Should I write a review?
Yes, we certainly would appreciate that! Please do notify us of your review so we can verify it is appropriate and then post into the escort profile. All personal information will be handled confidentially and with extraordinary care.
Things not to do...
Are there any extra surprise costs?
No! Our rates are all inclusive and clearly stated on our website, as well as communicated to you before the booking. You are paying the escort for a certain amount of time, not per service. Extra costs only arise when you wish to spent more time with your escort then initially booked.
Can I ask some personal questions to the escort?
Well, you can ask some personal questions, but it is better not to get too personal. Have in mind that your escort would not disclose all her secrets to you. It would also be better if you do not try to establish any relationship with the escort. Remember that escorts are professional people and doing their businesses with you.
About our Advertisement
I am an independent escort and would love to advertise on your site. How should I proceed?
The main thing you will need to do is go to the “Advertiser” page. From there, everything should be pretty self-explanatory. If you have any questions or concerns, however, please contact us by phone or send us an email.
What type of pictures should I submit to my profile?
We suggest you submit at least a couple of full-body pictures that accurately represent you. Some escorts choose not to submit images that show their faces, as they do not want to risk being recognized. This, however, is entirely up to you. We do recommend that you only submit photos that are of professional quality, as this underscores the upscale nature of the site and allows you to be seen in the best possible manner.
How do I add my Motel, Sex Shop, Swing Club, Night Club or Massage Service to the Marketplace (Business Listings Directory)?
If you would like to list your Business in either our Motel Directory, Sex Shop Directory, Swing Club Directory, Night Club Directory or Massage Service Directory, you can either fill in the MARKETPLACE WITH SPEG Form, or you can email us directly with your Business Details/photo and we can arrange your Ad for you. Our Listings include direct links to your company website. If you do not have your own website, we do offer packages including Website Design and Management. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about the packages we have available.
How do I change the details, information, touring dates or photos in my profile?
You can email us directly with all the new information that you want modify, edit or amend any of the content contained within your profile at any time. Once your Application at the SPEG Profile is approved, you will receive a confirmation email (check your Junk Mail if you can't find it in your Inbox). If you prefer to have our Management Team handle your profile for you, all you need to do is email us with the updated information or new images, and we can update your profile for you, generally within a 24 hour period.
How can I become a succesful Escort In Brazil
In the present scenario you can create a huge earning potential for yourself if you choose to become an escort of a high rank. However, in order make it sure that you keep shining in this particular industry you have to go through a strenuous process of make over. The main thing is you have to be completely geared up for this job. If you wish to become a successful Brazilian escorts you should have a close vigil on certain aspects. Here are a few highly important stuffs for your kind read through if you really wish to scale new heights as a successful escort:
1) Get in touch with an accredited and reliable organization;
2) Maintain a professional yet friendly approach;
3) Grab the traits of a successful escort;
4) Create a powerful online profile.
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