Do men feel more sexual desire than women? Myth or Reality??
Sao Paulo Escort Guide - Do men feel more sexual desire than women? Myth or Reality??

Do men feel more sexual desire than women? Myth or Reality??

Not necessarily does man have more sexual desire than woman, this thesis may well be considered a myth. Female desire when stimulated can become as intense as male, all bodies behave in different ways but have similar functions when treated about sex. Because men have a spontaneous sexual desire, women end up being left as the ones who not like to feel pleasure, which is not the reality, There are also many causes for a woman to stop having sexual desire, many external things can affect both man and woman, sometimes it's completely unrelated things that cause it, things like: * daily stress, not having good sexual experiences, body dissatisfaction and so on* ...  yet we can't just judge them as not liking to have sex. Many studies have been applied to it and the conclusion we can have is that as much stimulation the woman receives the more desire she will feel! So we can leave this popular saying aside and realize that everyone has the same kind of desire, but with different characteristics.


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