The Best Massage Parlor in Sao Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil’s bustling metropolis, is known for its culture and vibrant nightlife.

In addition to this wide variety of experiences, the best Massage Parlor in São Paulo is located in the heart of the city, exclusive for men who enjoy pleasurable experiences and are demanding.

The Sao Paulo Escort Guide massage parlor is the perfect place to relax in a modern, luxurious and safe environment.

Why is the Sao Paulo Escort Guide considered an international reference?

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Massage Parlor in Sao Paulo: Why Visit?

One of the main advantages of visiting our massage parlor in SP is the ability to relieve stress and reduce accumulated tension in the body.

Especially when massages are given by beautiful women willing to give the pleasure that every man needs!

In addition to beautiful models who can provide delightful moments, if you are looking for an exclusive massage parlor in São Paulo for men with discerning taste, here you will find everything you need to recharge your energy (after spending it quite a bit, of course!)

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Where to find an Erotic Massage Parlor in Sao Paulo?

If you are looking for an unforgettable and pleasurable experience, you have just found the Sao Paulo Escort Guide.

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What to expect from São Paulo Escort Guide?

At the Sao Paulo Escort Guide, you can expect to meet stunning and charming women who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet men who want to explore Brazil more intimately.

As the best erotic massage parlor in São Paulo, we offer unparalleled experiences of pleasure and relaxation.

Our beauties are trained to provide exquisite and sensual massages that will transport you to a state of pure total ecstasy!

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4 Questions About The Female Orgasm That Will Make You a Pleasure Master

4 Questions About The Female Orgasm That Will Make You a Pleasure Master

Unfortunately, sex and the female body are still taboo in society. So, with more explanation and clarification of these issues, women will be able to discover their bodies, their desires and their pleasures. With the help of sexologist and psychologist Carla Cecarello, become another person to solve the biggest doubts about how to achieve orgasm!
1. Do women ejaculate every time they orgasm? “Some women ejaculate, some women never ejaculate in their lives. So it depends a lot on whether the woman knows her body and stimulates the glands that secrete this fluid during orgasm. So not all Women all ejaculate, and that doesn’t stop them from being more or less a woman,” she said.

2. Why do my legs shake when I climax? “The legs tremble during orgasm precisely because all the muscles contract in preparation for the orgasm. When a woman orgasms, her muscles relax. So when she orgasms and relaxes, her body shakes, not just her legs.” , due to excessive muscle tension.”

3. Can a person find the G-spot? if so how? “It’s possible to find the G-spot, but there’s no marking on the woman that she’s stimulating in the right place. We know the G-spot is in the back third of the vagina. So she has to insert her finger and pull it towards her, the G-spot or more. Or less there,” she revealed.

4. Are there any women who cannot achieve orgasm? “It happens because orgasm is an innate condition. So women who can’t achieve orgasm are very conscientious. They rarely experience joy in life in a calm and fulfilling way. When a woman has this problem The reason is that she needs to seek psychological help, because she needs to understand where her unlocking point is,” she concluded.
So, whether it’s the clitoris, vagina, anus, or breasts, you must learn how to orgasm both alone and with a partner. After all, there are plenty of reasons to have sex and enjoy the joys of self-discovery.

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Having sex in the car: How to Start your Night with an Escort

Having Sex in the Car:
How to Start your Night with an Escort

Sex in the car is amazing and for those of you who haven’t experienced this feeling yet, it’s time to try. But, if you are here probably you’re looking for some adviceshelp. So, here are some great positions and tips to make your sex in the car even better!

Remembering that everything can vary according to your taste and that of your companiony, it i’s important that both of you return back home well satisfied.

WARNING: Don’t do anything driving. The intention is pleasure and not to cause an accident. Another important point is, don’t expose unknown people to your sex, look for a quiet and peaceful place where you can enjoy and have pleasure. Always try to avoid troubles.


Tips and positions to do in the car:

Tips for having sex in the car

Be careful with the handbrake, it’s obligatory to have the handbrake on. So, be careful especially if the car is in an inclined place. Be aware!.

Use the back seat, more comfortable and discreet. If you’re looking to get out of trouble it’s the best place for it. And, the frosting in the cake is the position, in the back seat it’s easier to do it.

Don’t take off all your clothes, being completely naked can generate a crime, indecent exposure, so don’t take off all of it, enjoy the sensuality.

Watch out for the horn, if things get hot on the front seat, watch out for the horn. You don’t want to get that attention from the people outside.

Take it easy, the car moves easily, controlling the horny at the H time is hard, but the car is not static, the wheels make it move and that’s obvious. So take it easy, the car can move and the idea is to keep up the things under your control him very still during the sex.

The Best positions to do inside the car:

Enjoying the chair

Having sex in the car isn’t the best option for those who like space. To get a little more space, always try the back seat.

Enjoying the chair is a hot position, the woman sits on her partner’s lap and commands the actions. The best part is that fondling, whispers and kisses on the neck, this makes everything hotter…

Lotus flower, If you think you know what pleasure is, you haven’t made the lotus flower in the car. yet. For starters, go to the back seat with your legs crossed with your lady on top.

Just like the previous position, the lotus flower allows kisses, smells, etc.

Doggy Style, A classic! No matter what the place. The Doggy style doesn’t need an explanation, right? And again, do it in the back seat or, if the moment allows, doi it in the car door.

Just your partner is in position right at the entrance of the door and you are outside controlling the actions.

69, A classic position and again, it’s simpler to do it in the back seat for space reasons.q

Now that you have these valuable tips and you quite a expert on thatknow the positions, it’s time to find your partner toand get ready forto pratice on the streets of our beautiful city of Sao Paulo. And then why don’t you start looking for your high class companion in the right place? Our beautiful high class Escorts  are on high demand here and  perfect for any special occasion, they will love to give and receive affection in your car. Don’t miss…

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Gift for Escorts: How to please your Lover

Gift for Escorts: How to please your Lover !!!

The best thing you can do for a woman who made you so happy is to give her a nice GIFT. Pleasure is a mix of elements, feelings and a surprise that is part of these main elements.

So we’ve put together a short list of the best gifts you can give to your ESCORT GIRL.

Gift for EscortsW I S H L I S T

Clothes and accessories please every woman, escorts are no different, in fact they love it. Our girls are top level and are always well turned out. Find out what your escort likes or what she needs at the moment (ex: lingeries, bikinis, dresses etc).

Nothing is more beautiful than a nice jewel, for many women they are a dream. So, if you want to make your escort happy, find out which piece of jewelry makes her eyes sparkle and give her the gift. I guarantee you that she’ll never forget!

Drinking makes the fun even better and our girls love a good drink. With this information we come to the conclusion: drink is a perfect gift for the escorts.

And again, you need to know what she likes, maybe whisky, vodka, wine etc is good for YOU but SHE prefers the most?
Intimacy is one of the best things you can have in your date. But how do you get intimacy with another person? Well, with quality time. So, take your babe to a nice dinner, in a new place for both or a place she likes most.
Every good job deserves to be rewarded, right? And, of course, our girls charge fair values ​​to satisfy our customers in the best way, but nothing better than an extra treat for someone who have pampered you so well. If you want to gift your babe, put extra cash from the deal in her bag or pocket, she will love it!

Now that you know about these treats, it’s time to go looking for one nice gift for your beautiful companion. But first, find out what she likes, change a few words, you can be sure it will please her even more…


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Everything you need to know before dating a Brazilian Escort

Everything you need to know…
before dating a Brazilian Escort heart

Brazilian Escorts, these women are the best in the world. You certainly won’t find this crazy combination that a Brazilian women has. A mix of beauty, intelligence, sensuality and an intense desire to give you pleasure!!!

But, before a date, you need to know a little bit more about this incredible beauty who are so hot and sensual…

We have listed some important points that will certainly help you to choose the ideal escort!

1. Choose carefully

First of all, it’s good to make it clear that isn’t ilegal in hiring a Brazilian escort here in Brazil. Most of these models are super B, honest, discreet and would never do anything wrong.

At this point, we want to focus on your best choice. Although, they are all very beautiful, naughty and extremely hot but not all will provide you such great experience in a complete way.

That’s because there is something that goes beyond sex, so you must create a connection with your lady first.

That’s why we from SPEG have hired the best brazilian stunning babes and handpicked girls for this special occasion, so you won’t waste more time and see which one matches you better.

2. Your fetishes will be performed

Performing a fetish is often not an easy task. Each person has one, but some share it, and that’s where a Brazilian escort comes in.

These babes are prepared to perform everything to see you satisfied and happy. Some things you can’t even imagine…

Therefore, when looking for a Brazilian escort, talk with our team first, reveal your desires, preferences and wishes and I am sure we’ll find out the best option and you certainly will not regret it.

3. You’ll never forget a brazilian escort

Have you ever forgot your best sexual experience in life? Certainly no, so a date with a Brazilian escort will change your life forever.

Here a tip: enjoy the moment, stretch it out as long as you can. Give her a lot of affection, passion, love, have dinner, tell her a bit about your culture, she’ll love to hear it and in this way you will create an environment of passion and truly connection.

Of course, it doesn’t mean it has to be just one unforgettable night. The time it’s about you. These women are at your service and will love spending more time with you.

4. It’s not just about SEX

I know we’ve talked a lot in this text about pleasure. It’s very difficult to see such beautiful women without thinking about it.

But the true is, not everything is about sex. If you want to invite any of these women over for a full night to go out or just to have some fun without sex involved, feel free for that.

They will love going out for dinner, dancing, travel or even just have a nice conversation in your Hotel room. Who doesn’t like to know new cultures, new people etc. And before you ask me, YES, most of our girls speak English or even Spanish ok.

Brazilian escorts are the best indeed! If you doubt it, come to Brazil and try it, even if it’s just for one night, you certainly won’t get disappointed!

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The World of Voyeurism

Voyeurism | The art of observation

Keyword → Voyeurism

Voyeurism, by definition, is the art of observing someone naked, undressing or having sex, often without them being aware of the observation. However, this is not exactly how it happens. Observing strangers in an intimate act can be considered a crime.

But chill out, we aren’t saying that you are committing a crime. Voyeurism it’s common, especially among young and adult males. However, the practice has grown among women.

We want to show how you can be a voyeur and enjoy the pleasure without having any problems.

Voyeurism in detail

If you are a voyeur you will already know this part, however, there are people who are discovering themselves and may not understand very well what is happening. How it can be more pleasurable to see people having sex than actually doing it.

Well, fantasizing and observing is more natural and healthy than you might think. It is present in many cultures and is not something that can be related to the 21st century.

In biology and in psychology, observing brings us stimuli and a pleasure that often the sexual act itself may not provide.

In many cases this action can, and should, be done through consensus between those who observe and those observed. Some couples use the practice to spice up their sex life.

And this can be extremely pleasurable and even addictive.

Can voyeurism be a problem?

Yes, and we will explain. Like everything in life, we need a dose of common sense, especially when it involves other people besides us. Sex is wonderful, maybe the best thing we can do in life. But nothing that’s too much is good for you.

Voyeurism is about looking without being seen, and that can be quite problematic. As mentioned, if the practice is done without the consent of those observed, serious things can happen.

This can be considered an invasion of privacy or harassment, resulting in fines and even jail.

Therefore, we have separated some alternatives so that you can feel the peak of pleasure within voyeurism.

How can I make this fetish?

Some alternatives are more complex, others you will need some cash to fulfill your wishes, but all are extremely pleasurable.

We don’t know what you like to watch, that’s why we’ve put all sorts of options.

The first one is if you have a wife/husband and want to enjoy watching. This will require a certain liberalism on your part, after all, seeing your partner with someone else is not for everyone. So talk well with your spouse, ask if it’s possible.

The second option is a specialized place, swing things are amazing places to observe. There, everyone is willing to reach the highest level of pleasure, whether practicing or just watching. In São Paulo there are great options, just choose the one that works best for you.

The third option is more focused on our field, these girls love to be admired, whether undressing, giving pleasure to herself or having a good sex. You can choose the one that suits to you the most and choose the one that makes you go to the height of pleasure.

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Fetishes are not bad, but you have to know how to control them!

Why Should You Hire Escorts From Agencies?

# Reason 1

Escort Agencies Are Verified And Trustable:

» Just a few agencies in Brazil provide services which are verified and genuine.

» These high class agencies do not get indulged in any frauds and are trustable.

# Reason 2

Escort Agencies Are Safe And Completely Legal:

» When you hire escorts directly, you cannot be assured of any safety.

» Agencies are safe and know how to bend the law and provide you with the services you need. They’ve been in this business for long and guarantee your safety.

# Reason 3

Escort Agencies Provide Amazing Services.

» Agencies which provide escort services take care of your needs and provide high-quality services.

» You get the best escorts when you book through SPEG Brazil Team on because they are handpicked and trained well to make sure your experience real fun.

# Reason 4

Agencies Value Your Privacy:

» The reason behind this is that agencies promise not to disclose your identity and take care of your privacy.

» When you are ensured full privacy, you achieve a peace of mind and are able to spend a quality time with your lady without any worries.

# Reason 5

Agencies are reliable:

» When you book through a high class escort agency you can sit back and relax because they are completely reliable and faithful in their services.

» Top Escort agencies work with simple booking procedures and provide you with the best services, so why take a chance going anywhere else??

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Do men feel more sexual desire than women? Myth or Reality??

Do men feel more sexual desire than women? Myth or Reality??

Not necessarily does man have more sexual desire than woman, this thesis may well be considered a myth. Female desire when stimulated can become as intense as male, all bodies behave in different ways but have similar functions when treated about sex. Because men have a spontaneous sexual desire, women end up being left as the ones who not like to feel pleasure, which is not the reality, There are also many causes for a woman to stop having sexual desire, many external things can affect both man and woman, sometimes it’s completely unrelated things that cause it, things like: * daily stress, not having good sexual experiences, body dissatisfaction and so on* …  yet we can’t just judge them as not liking to have sex. Many studies have been applied to it and the conclusion we can have is that as much stimulation the woman receives the more desire she will feel! So we can leave this popular saying aside and realize that everyone has the same kind of desire, but with different characteristics.


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What Is Escort and How to Date an Escort Girl?

A beautiful, elegant, and interesting girl is, of course, a beautiful match for a man. Elite escort is an expensive pleasure, but a great time with a magical girl is really priceless. Choosing an escort girl in a trustable website, you can arrange a date for your dream, which will leave pleasant memories in memory.
The popularity of escort services

Escort services have always been in demand. For example, in the days of Ancient Rome, a wealthy man was to be accompanied by an exquisitely beautiful woman who emphasized his high status. In our time, this tradition has remained almost unchanged. The attractiveness and charm of beautiful women never go out of fashion. And men will always want to be with exquisite women. That?s why escort is so popular today. This pastime is perfect for those who value their social status and try to maintain it.
Why do you need an escort girl?

Men often order escort services for several reasons:

?     This is a good way to increase the reputation among their colleagues, friends, and others.

?     The agencies that provide escort services carefully take care of preserving the privacy of their customers.

?     Choosing elite services, you will not worry that you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation during an event. On the contrary, your companion will be able to help you avoid it.

?     And, of course, you are guaranteed to get an opportunity to spend an unforgettable time with a nice and charming girl who will be the dream of every man.
How to choose a girl for an escort?

Nowadays, photos of models and brief information about them are posted on the websites of escort agencies, which is very convenient and easy, especially if you need to find a girl in a short time.

?         Find a popular escort site. Surfing the Internet, you can find different escort ads. You can be sure that you are on a good site if most ads are posted monthly. Sites where profiles ads post daily should be avoided. One of the reasons for this is that the daily posting of profiles is very cheap, which attracts an escort of lower class and scammers.

?         Find an independent individual or escort agency. Agencies can be good because you can expect a certain level of consistency from them. If you find an agency that you like, then an adviser can give you recommendations for your taste. Disadvantage of agencies is that you have to pay a little more because you pay a large commission to an agency, which will be included in the price of the service.

?         Stick to your budget. Don?t forget that you get what you pay for. When you click on a profile of a girl that you like, find her price on a page. If she is not within your budget, don?t waste time reading her ad. But remember that it is much more difficult to get a good girl.

?         Make sure she is a girl from a photo. An accompanying girl who uses false photos will never tell you that it is not she. Many girls using false photos blur their face, but many beautiful escorts that use real photographs will also blur faces for reasons of confidentiality. But other customers leave comments about them and tell if they are girls from photos. So, read comments.

?         Each client should have the right and the opportunity to thoroughly discuss all the details of his order. Sometimes it?s not entirely appropriate to do with a representative of the opposite sex and even more ? with your future escort because a conversation can contain details of an intimate nature. Therefore, an escort agency should be administered by both women and men, as well as offering all modern communication methods (email, Whatsapp, Viber) to their customers and not only a phone number.

Tips and Advices when booking an Escort Girl in Brazil

Many people (men, couples and even women), will at some point in their lives want to book an escort. This is particularly true of businessmen and people who use to travel a lot, because companionship (and sex) are valuable commodities, and no one likes being lonely, isn?t it true?

This post is aimed at those people who are considering hiring an escort for the first time in their lives, and aren?t sure what to do (and for people who have tried, and don?t know why they?ve not been successful. There are a few ?rules and procedures? that must be followed to ensure a successful appointment, as follows:

This list may not be comprehensive, as each escort has a different set of procedures and/or expectations. However some (nearly) universal guidelines that should always be followed, that many people seem to miss because their impression of escorts is based upon what they?ve seen in popular culture. If you took the time to find out what is expected of you, the customer, then congratulations ? You?re on your way to being the type of customer for those gorgeous women are happy to meet with.

Let?s start by looking at the escort?s primary concerns:

  • Protecting themselves from potentially abusive clients
  • Protecting themselves from the law
  • Staying in control of the situation
  • Concealing their identity

If you understand this, then you can understand the reasoning behind all the rules and regulations around booking appointments, payment, meetings etc.

Whether booking through an independent, your first contact will most likely be by e-mail, website form or phone.

Please make sure you read all the informations of this post very carefully!

  • Check the preferred payment method ? If the website says only credit cards accepted, then that is what?s accepted
  • Check what methods are not accepted ? If the website says no cash payment, don?t ask if you can pay in cash at the end of the appointment. You won?t get one.
  • Check if they do in calls or out calls ? If the escort you?re interested in only does out calls to pre-determined hotels, don?t ask her to come to your house
  • Check the rates ? Don?t try to negotiate. This is a big red flag; if you cannot respect the escorts rates and time, you will not be trusted to respect the escort
  • Check the services provided ? Don?t even think about negotiating this!
  • Check the preference for contact ? If the website says call only after 7PM, or that first contact is only by e-mail, follow those directions. You?re not going to get special treatment and be exempt from the rules.
  • After you?ve checked all the websites informations, it?s time to make your first contact, via the escort preferred method. If there is any information that is not listed in their website or advert, during the first contact is when you need to ask it.

If you are calling by telephone:

  • Don?t call drunk ? Maybe you had a few drinks to work up the courage to call; doesn?t matter. If you?re slurring your words, you will not be given an appointment, because inebriated people are likely to violate the two primary concerns: Protection from potentially abusive clients, and staying in control of the situation. Call once you?ve sobered up.
  • Be respectful ? You are not doing them a favor by calling; you wouldn?t be rude to your doctor when you make an appointment, don?t do it to your escort.
  • Don?t ask for services that are explicitly stated as being a ?no? ? If you ask for bareback when the advert says no bareback, you?re showing a severe lack of respect for that persons boundaries and they are not likely to give you the time of day.
  • Don?t ask for services that are blatantly illegal ? This should go without saying. (If you are in a country where prostitution is illegal, do not ask for sexual services over the phone, particularly if the website states ?Companionship only?) Follow the rules.
  • Don?t ask for naked pictures ? Escorts and agencies get many calls from people who are not serious about booking appointments, but are looking for material for their ?spank bank?. If you ask for naked pictures, you?re not going to be taken seriously, and you?re not going to get them. You can see photos of the escorts on their websites.
  • Don?t send naked pictures of yourself ? They don?t need it! They?re not going to be so impressed by your penis that they?re going to give you an hour of their time for free!
  • Don?t haggle! ? Don?t haggle over price, over locations, over services. These people don?t know you ? they are on alert for anything that sets off warning bells, and a person that tries to overstep boundaries is a definite warning bell.

If you are contacting them by e-mail or website form:

Most of the rules for calling by phone apply when contacting by e-mail, but there is one additional big one:

Write your e-mail like a grown up! Use spelling and punctuation always. It doesn?t have to be PHD Thesis quality ? but it does have to look like a mature adult wrote it, and again, not whilst drunk. It is hard to take a request seriously from someone using text speak, so don?t do it. It?s only an extra few moments of your life ? spend them wisely.

When booking an appointment:

  • Do not book an appointment for yourself, with the intention of having multiple people over. Just don?t do it, ever.
  • When you are requested for a phone number, give your fixed land line number ? unless you absolutely can?t. But do try.
  • If the website does not cover it, politely asking about any first meeting policies will make you come across as a responsible, respectful individual.
  • Try not to ask questions that are already answered on the website, unless you need clarification on some matter.
  • If there are questions you do need answer, ask them now ? not once the appointment has been made.

When meeting (especially for the first time):

  • Do not show up late ? It?s disrespectful
  • Do show up showered and groomed ? This individual will have spent time and money getting ready, waxing, doing their make up, etc, in preparation for meeting you. Show them the same respect back.
  • Do follow any instructions for payment to the letter ? if you were instructed to leave a white envelope with cash, unsealed, on the coffee table, do exactly that. Not following instructions will put her/him on edge, and could result either a cancellation or a less enjoyable experience for the both of you.
  • If you?ve offered your companion a drink and they decline, don?t take offense ? they are keeping a clear and level head. They may choose to partake in future meetings once they are comfortable with you, or they may not.
  • If you were asked to have identification ready, don?t try to back out of it at the last moment, or negotiate ?I?ll show you mine, if you show me yours? ? you should have checked all the rules and found them acceptable before going ahead with your booking, and in most cases an escort will not show you her/his identification since protecting their identity is a primary concern.
  • If your companion offers services without condoms, but you would prefer to use one, feel free to tell her
  • If your companion does not offer services without condoms, don?t ask ? This seems to be the biggest issuer that people don?t want to abide by, but remember, this is the escorts profession, and they are entitled to do anything within their power to keep themselves safe. They are also keeping you safe at the same time.

As you can see, most of these valuable ?instructions? (tips and advices) are simply common sense. As long as you keep in mind that safety is the escort?s primary concern, you should have no problem complying with her requirements. If they feel safe, you will have a better experience. If you raise red flags, you won?t get to enjoy their company. If you are unsure of anything, ask first, don?t assume. Above all, conduct yourself in the same respectful manner as you would when dealing with any other professional service provider (though the experience should be a lot more fun with this particular service provider!).

Sao Paulo Escort Guide is the best online directory for escort services, whether you are looking for escorts in Sao Paulo City, GuarulhosAlphaville or anywhere else around Sao Paulo State. Browse through our escort directory to find the best escorts, english speaking girls, independent call girls, acompanhantes brasileiras, busty girls, brunette girlsblonde girlsmature girls, petite girls and sex massage services that suit your needs and Get Started now!