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Voyeurism, by definition, is the art of observing someone naked, undressing or having sex, often without them being aware of the observation. However, this is not exactly how it happens. Observing strangers in an intimate act can be considered a crime.

But chill out, we aren’t saying that you are committing a crime. Voyeurism it’s common, especially among young and adult males. However, the practice has grown among women.

We want to show how you can be a voyeur and enjoy the pleasure without having any problems.

Voyeurism in detail

If you are a voyeur you will already know this part, however, there are people who are discovering themselves and may not understand very well what is happening. How it can be more pleasurable to see people having sex than actually doing it.

Well, fantasizing and observing is more natural and healthy than you might think. It is present in many cultures and is not something that can be related to the 21st century.

In biology and in psychology, observing brings us stimuli and a pleasure that often the sexual act itself may not provide.

In many cases this action can, and should, be done through consensus between those who observe and those observed. Some couples use the practice to spice up their sex life.

And this can be extremely pleasurable and even addictive.

Can voyeurism be a problem?

Yes, and we will explain. Like everything in life, we need a dose of common sense, especially when it involves other people besides us. Sex is wonderful, maybe the best thing we can do in life. But nothing that’s too much is good for you.

Voyeurism is about looking without being seen, and that can be quite problematic. As mentioned, if the practice is done without the consent of those observed, serious things can happen.

This can be considered an invasion of privacy or harassment, resulting in fines and even jail.

Therefore, we have separated some alternatives so that you can feel the peak of pleasure within voyeurism.

How can I make this fetish?

Some alternatives are more complex, others you will need some cash to fulfill your wishes, but all are extremely pleasurable.

We don’t know what you like to watch, that’s why we’ve put all sorts of options.

The first one is if you have a wife/husband and want to enjoy watching. This will require a certain liberalism on your part, after all, seeing your partner with someone else is not for everyone. So talk well with your spouse, ask if it’s possible.

The second option is a specialized place, swing things are amazing places to observe. There, everyone is willing to reach the highest level of pleasure, whether practicing or just watching. In São Paulo there are great options, just choose the one that works best for you.

The third option is more focused on our field, these girls love to be admired, whether undressing, giving pleasure to herself or having a good sex. You can choose the one that suits to you the most and choose the one that makes you go to the height of pleasure.

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Fetishes are not bad, but you have to know how to control them!

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